Team Top Steel Defined

Our Vision

Our goal is to become the go-to steel, metal, and structural company in Southern California.  As we grow, we will be continuously forming partnerships in the infrastructure field, where we will ensure the delivery of safe, cost-effective, and timely projects. 

“We are committed to delivering projects and results anchored on absolutely nothing but the same values we chose to be the cornerstones and pillars of our company’s foundation.  We know that our industry needs more than raising up buildings along the way; we need Strength of STEEL ©.”

– Top Steel Erectors, Inc.

Our Values

Safety – We employ the strength of our team, our associates, our partners and our employees to deliver a product that is safe, of the highest, uncompromising quality anywhere in California.

Teamwork/Talent – Our organization’s drive to develop teamwork in the steel industry is what makes our company different and sets it apart from the traditional providers of these services.  Highly trained technicians and licensed and experienced professionals are a commodity in the market but are exactly the kind of professionals we employ.

Experience – We work hard to achieve great results.  Experience and expertise is what helps us to get there, and our clients and our industry deserve it.  Our goal is to share this experience within the industries we serve.

Efficiency – We understand that companies are in business to achieve goals that will turn into tangible results for their stakeholders.  TOP STEEL does not differ from the objective of making a profit.  However; we aim, along with the goal of obtaining results, to stay true to our most basic principles and core values by remaining efficient.

Legacy – We believe that legacy is what makes us all better.  We want to share our success with others.  In the process we hope to build not only structures, but a legacy that would have great impact and could be shared with others.  A legacy of STEEL.

Team Top Steel

Edgar Lopez

Co-Founder & President

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Alex Barbosa 

Co-Founder & Vice President

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